Discover Genoa 46

Discover the charme and style of Genoa 46 Suites & Rooms.

Genoa has always been living in symbiosis with its port and the large historical center that surrounds it.

That is the old city, with its narrow alleys and noble streets, with its shops and palazzi of the ancient power of the maritime republic.

From the ancient city the nineteenth-century streets branch off, with elegant mansions.

It is in one of them, just a few hundred meters from the Palazzo Ducale, that Genova 46 Suites and Rooms is born, on the top floor of a 1891 building, completely renovated in 2017.

The very spacious rooms show original features, such as the “Genovese” floors and the stucco decorated ceilings.
Guests are assured every comfort, thanks to the implementation of modern services and technological systems.

The period style of the structure is completed with contemporary architectural choices and with the exhibition of artworks, kindly borrowed from the Galleria Rotta.

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